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Issue no. 4 - Protecting members every day

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1 1 Issue 04 Protecting members every day avant.org.au/publications W elcome to the fourth issue of Connect. In this issue we look at everyday situations we encounter at Avant, and seek to share some insights from our large team of experts. Many of us think about medico-legal risk in terms of civil litigation and well publicised legal cases. However other event categories are increasingly represented in the reasons why our members seek our support. Practising medicine is not easy and can never be completely risk free. One bad outcome may result in one of the events detailed within this issue and can occur for even the most diligent of our members. It pays to understand the risks, so in this issue we have provided some examples of the situations in which you might unfortunately find yourself. Dealing with a complaint, having to appear in court, at a tribunal or even dealing with a bad patient outcome can be very stressful. We urge members, should you find yourselves in any of these situations, to look after yourselves, seek support through the Avant Medico-legal Advisory Service and through the Avant Personal Support Program or, where you prefer, the Doctors' Health Advisory Service or your GP. We see supporting you through any adverse event as an important part of our role – we want to be there to help you. No matter the size of your issue, our in-house medico-legal team is on your side, to advise and support you, and work to best protect you and your business. Prof Simon Willcock and Andrew Boldeman Andrew Parkinson I n the last 12 months we received more than 15,000 calls to our Medico-legal Advisory Service and over 6700 claims and notifications of potential claims. That's more than 50 calls and 25 claims and notifications each working day. Every day we support many of our members through some of their toughest moments, whether that is a contractual dispute, an allegation of sexual harassment, a medical incident that injures a patient, a Medicare audit or a coronial investigation. Avant Law, our in-house, specialist medico-legal law firm, has special counsel in the areas of civil, coronial, employment, health, Medicare and professional conduct. Our multi-disciplinary team includes lawyers working side by side with medical advisors and claims managers, who have legal, medical or clinical training, all providing members with expert advice throughout the process. In this issue of Connect, our legal subject matter experts, medical advisors and local state teams step you through what to expect in their areas of expertise; provide tips on how to avoid situations that could lead to a claim or complaint; and share insights and case studies. Being there for you every day, 24 hours a day in the case of an emergency, is just as important to us as it is for you. Andrew Parkinson General Manager, Medical Defence and Services Guiding you through the issues message from Medical Defence and Services Supporting our members message from the Chairman and CEO Prof Simon Willcock Chairman Andrew Boldeman Chief Executive Officer

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