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Connect Issue 11 - Challenges in today's practice | Dec 2018

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10 Hostile patients: Addressing unreasonable demands Handling hostile patients is an ongoing challenge for all doctors and health practitioners. 05 14 in this edition 17 When the patient knows best: The service of medicine Patients increasingly view healthcare as a service – and doctors as the service providers who must meet the consumer's needs. 08 A recipe for reproach: Patient's gifts trigger family concerns Sometimes patients show their gratitude by offering gifts, but accepting these can blur boundaries in the treatment relationship. 06 Family complaints: Relatives take legal action Relatives' heightened emotional state when supporting a loved one can occasionally result in unreasonable expectations. 02 Pressure to prescribe: Doctor tackles town problem Pressure from patients is a constant challenge for doctors – when it comes to prescribing Sch8 medications, the pressure can be acute. 05 Collaboration is key: ED project reduces complaints A/Prof Cracknell and colleagues at Campbelltown Hospital have been recognised for their project to reduce ED complaints. 14 Technology no substitute for critical thinking: Inquest highlights Technology has made patient care easier and safer. However, a recent inquest highlights over-reliance can have serious consequences. 16 Australian-first research: The rise of defensive practice A/Prof Ries has been awarded an Avant Foundation Grant to conduct research into the drivers of defensive practice. 18 Disclosing without consent: Acting in the patient's best interests There are some instances where a doctor's duty calls for the disclosure of information – even if the patient protests. 20 National and state: Legislative and regulatory update 22 Private health insurance reforms: Implications for doctors and consumers 24 The digital age of patient records: My Health Record Plus... 13 Competent professional practice: Courts weigh in Courts rely on the standard of competent professional practice, however this standard isn't always black and white. 06 Connect | Issue 11 | December 2018

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